The fastest growing city in the world – Dubai


  • Country : United Arab Emirates
  • Emirate : Dubai
  • Incorporated (town) : June 9, 1833
  • Incorporated (emirate) : December 2, 1971
  • Area : 3′885 km²
  • Population (2008) : 1,679,272
  • Nationality : 43.3% Indian, 15% Emirati, 13.4% Pakistani




This is “Dubai 2007

Above is the social and environmental evolution of Dubai from 1991, due to the top level development of Building construction and the exposure to the high class newest technology. For example 15% of all building constructions during last 10 years in the world were done in Dubai. And also about 15 to 25% of the cranes of the world have been playing with 70 billion € have been currently invested in building projects there…

Tourism has been one of the major factors for this kind of rapid development on Dubai and all the facilities and other underlying services have been perfectly provided. The number of tourists was evaluated to be about 6 million in 2005 and 15 million are expected for 2010.


Incredible Technological achievements and top level construction projects, such as Skidome , Marina, The World, Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai Tower have added a new mean to Dubai, making it the world’s fastest growing city.


Art by the “murderous blocks” – Missilles

Here there are some snap shots of Missiles Firing out not to kill people but to make them amused and pleased. How nice the weapons were created only for this purpose??










Peugeot Moovie Concept

In the third edition of the Peugeot Design Competition, all the auto mobile designers around the world were invited to design a dream-future-Peugeot. Finally, a Portuguese designer, André Costa, won the competition with his project called “Moovie”, designed to function as an “agile and environmentally friendly city car”.

Technical Specification

Length: 2.33 m
Width: 1.80 m
Height: 1.54 m
Estimated weight: 500 kg
LED lighting


The Moovie production process was held with the administration of the Peugeot Style Centre, according to criteria normally used for the construction of vehicles intended for a Motor Show. Three months’ work was required

This may be you in the future……