The history of today – [1st of April] — The Fool’s day —

The 1st of April, the 91st day in each year (92nd in a leap year) has been celebrated, noted and basically reserved for really amusing and funny, hoaxes and particle jokes among the people around the world irrespective of any separations. Although it has not been found an exact reason or a founder for this special day, it has already been really famous by now. The Fool’s day was originally named as “All Fool’s day” and it had begun to appear in the Europe around the late middle ages. “All fool’s day” was basically a flock calibration where the presences of participants were very low. Anyhow this special day has been much-celebrated in some countries and named as a holiday by now.
When considering the origin of this strange festival, there are many numbers of legends and myths associated with. Mainly there are some special Ancient, Medieval, Mythological, traditional stories and roots which are in a form of considerable state. There are some interesting historical explernations about incidents happened on Roman emperor’s era regarding the origin of this. But among those, the Calendar-Change theory has been the highly accepted fact that describes the origin of the Fool’s day on April 1st .

In 1582, a new calendar named “Gregorian Calendar” was ordered to be used by “Pope Gregory XIII” replacing the old Julian calendar. France was the very first country which experienced to this Calendar-Change. According to the newest Calendar, the New Year day had been shifted to the January 1st from the end of March where it was on the Julian calendar. But it says that many people did not accept the new date of the New Year and some did not learn about it properly even in order to celebrate it. Therefore, those kind of people continued celebrating the New Year during the week in which bounded by May 25th and April 1st as usual, with various sort of jokes and funny stuff played around.
Pope Gregory XIII celebrating the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar

But the other people who already adjusted their selves onwards to the new Calendar, began to make fun of these traditionalists who were following the old schedule, by sending them “fool’s errands” or trying to fool them into funny activities etc. Eventually, this particular activity got bounded around April 1st and gradually the Fool’s day festival got rapidly spread over in the European countries such as Germany, Scotland, England etc.

Now it has been a well-known festival around the word and…… oh ma goshhhh….. today is also a 1st of April. But please consider that this article is also not another April-1st-joke :))
Try to make fool all the ones around you only for today, Without you.. :)) and Just enjoy the day.


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