A walk to Remember….


It’s been like about more than 2 years that I have given up all blogging, soon after I got my first AdSense check of 100$ from Google I remember. It’s really ironic why I did stop that at that kinda stage where already had 2 blogs with Google rank of 4 & 5 with some nice commercial step-ins at hand to continue everything with a nice perfection. It’s sort of hardly could imagine how it would have been I myself, and where would I be by now, if I hadn’t done so by that time. hmmmm… You know, the Past’s the Past. Now, there is this new inspiration, a motivation I would say, for me to step back into blogging and this time, it’s just not the childish aggressive pal who was new to the field, but… as a bit of matured engineer with a lot more expedience + most impressively, a true lover and explore on Social Media wave, a flying topic to be mastered in the new era of IT.

MORE……….   A walk to Remember….


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