Top 10 Richest People in the World

(1) William H. Gates III

Age: 43
Nationality: American
Martial Status: Married
Children: 2
Education: Harvard dropout
Worth: $90 Billion

We should all just face the fact that Bill Gates will one day rule the world. By the time Windows 2015 comes out, all will fear Bill’s wrath. But you gotta admit that it doesn’t look like it went to his head; the richest human on Earth, and he has the dorkiest haircut money could buy.

The son of a lawyer father and teacher mother, Gates dropped out of preschool to devote all of his time to inventing Microsoft with chum Paul Allen, then just 3 years old. After drooling all over the HVAC tubes, Bill decided to go back to school for a few more years, eventually dropping out of Harvard University to work on Microsoft.

The rest, as they all too frequently say, is history. Microsoft became this huge international corporate behemoth, and is currently fighting off anti-trust investigations and accusations that it holds a monopoly. When Bill rules the world, he’s going to come down and fire those federal court judges with extreme prejudice. They’ll never work on his planet again!

Gates relinquished his role as President of Microsoft in 1998, and as CEO on January 13, 2000; both posts are now held by Steve Ballmer. However, Bill remains Chairman and “chief software architect” of the company, as well as its largest shareholder. So they still let him come to board meetings.

Mr. Bill once gave $17 Billion to charity, which makes Ted Turner’s paltry offering of $1 billion to the UN look like chump change. He’s also written a couple of books and is heavily invested in biotechnology and cellular and satellite technology. Investors, call your brokers

(2) Warren Edward Buffet

Age: 68
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Education: Columbia
Worth: $36 Billion

A distant second, Warren Buffet also has a quarter century on Mr. Gates, so he’s had lots of time to build up his not-too-shabby cache of $36 billion. Frankly, we don’t know what he’s been doing with his time… apart from heading up investment conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, that is. Warren took over 30 years ago, and the company has averaged a 25% annual rate of return since.

Strangely enough, Buffet’s investment style is conservative, leaning more to the long-term buy. Warren owns about 40 percent of the company, and at over $47,000 a share, it will be a while before anyone buys him out. Much better to try to get in at Microsoft, or strike oil, where you don’t need money up front.

(3). Paul Gardner Allen

Age: 46
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Children: 0
Education: WSU dropout
Worth: $30 Billion

Another Microsoft billionaire, Paul Allen is the buddy who dropped out with Bill Gates to build the software company that now holds a monopolistic stranglehold on the world. Paul dropped out of Microsoft some time ago to spend his time privately investing his money and sipping piña coladas, but he still holds a stake in the company. His current baby is Vulcan Ventures, with which he pursues his dream of a “wired world” by buying up cable operators and other technology-related companies.

It’s not all boring tech stuff, though. Paul was also smart enough to invest in sports teams like the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks. Single guy, 30 billion, owns a couple sports teams, knows Bill Gates personally… poor baby.

(4). Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Age: 53
Nationality: Bruneian
Marital Status: Married
Children: 10
Education: Sandhurst Royal Military Academy
Worth: $30 Billion

The 29th Sultan of Brunei was educated in his early years by tutors and private institutions before winging his way north to Britain. There, he entered Sandhurst Royal Military Academy as an officer cadet. The training seems to have paid off, as he is now Sultan and Ruler of Brunei, as well as Prime Minister, Defense Minister, Finance Minister, Religious Figurehead, and Grand High Poobah. All elected offices. Kidding! This guy can go to the bathroom and still have a cabinet meeting.

All of his money is in, say it with me now, oil, gas, investments, and yes, the ever-popular sweat of his people. Especially that oil thing, which has made so many billionaires in the Middle East. The illustrious Sultan also has two wives and ten kids. So lets see… 6 jobs, 2 wives, 10 kids, 2 turtledoves, 1 dictatorship, and he’s an avid polo player. So much accomplished, and a mere 53 years old.

(5). King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud

Age: 77
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1
Worth: $28 Billion
Born in Riyadh in 1923, the King has spent his life on one diplomatic mission after another. He has also held such posts as Minister of Education, Minister of the Interior, and, of course, the King. He was present at the signing of the United Nations Charter in 1945, the coronation of Queen Liz the second in 1953, and a meeting with Richard Nixon in the U.S. in 1974 (taped recordings of this meeting still exist to this day, but no one knows where).

He came to power in 1982, and all of his money is in oil, investments, property, and the sweat of his people (sound familiar?). All because of the great defining factor of birth. Yes, birth and dumb luck. Ya gotta love it.

(6). Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Age: 66
Nationality: Abu Dhabian
Worth: $20 Billion

Sheikh Zayed’s home country of Abu Dhabi has grown over the last half century into one of the richest in the United Arab Emirates. Educated by local clerics and later by wandering Bedouin tribesmen in the desert, the Sheikh’s defining achievement has been the management of supply and distribution of water. This is an important thing in the desert, so you can imagine he is quite popular there.

All of his money is in oil, investments, vast property, and the sweat of his people. And water. For the love of God, don’t forget the water.

(7). Steven Anthony Ballmer

Age: 43
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2
Education: Stanford and Harvard
Worth: $19.5 Billion

The first of the Microsoft Billionaires on our list, Steve actually lived down the hall from Bill Gates at Harvard, and is now the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mr. Bill’s little venture. Many revere/blame him for the supposed monopoly Microsoft Corp. now holds, because of his tenacity and amazing business know-how.

He joined the company in 1980 and has held a number of positions, starting as Bill’s personal towel boy, and leading up to VP of Sales and Support before becoming the Prez in ’98. Ballmer was appointed CEO of Microsoft on January 13, 2000. Not a bad little gig.

(8). Amir Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al sabah

Age: 77
Nationality: Kuwaiti
Worth: $17 Billion

The man’s money is in oil, investments, property, and the sweat of his people. And this is just what’s left over since we kicked Saddam Hussein out of the neighborhood. Imagine the filthy stinkin’ riches that he had prior to the burning of thousands of his oil wells. This is why we recommend Microsoft or oil baron as the best way to becoming a billionaire. You’re born, you inherit oil fields, you live the easy life in the Middle East… you just can’t beat it.

(9). Phillip F. Anschutz

Age: 59
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Education: Kansas
Worth: $16.5 Billion

Phil is the kind of guy whose father was a rich oil billionaire, but decided he didn’t like the family business. Phil preferred real estate and railroads, and he still made a bundle. Rather than just being born lucky (although we’re sure that didn’t hurt), Anschutz is a savvy businessman. He has interests in fiber optics companies such as Qwest Communications International, LA sporting interests, huge cattle ranches in Wyoming, and lots of downtown Denver real estate interests. But let’s face it: the biggest chunk was inherited.

(10). Michael Dell

Age: 34
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: 4
Education: U. Texas
Worth: $16.5 Billion

Just barely squeaking in at number ten is the youngest of all of our billionaires, the young pup who founded Dell Computers. Mike dropped out of U. Texas at 19, put up his BMW to get a business loan, and started selling people PCs by mail order. The day his former classmates were graduating, his sales had already hit $70 million a year. Today, of course, he sells $2 million a day, and the company revenues are about $7.8 billion a year. He has passed IBM in annual sales, and is closing in on industry leader Compaq. The bastard.



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    don’t know my exact height. I am very friendly, nice, caring, sweet, and a loving person. I have a family of
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    always is joking around and making me laugh. My little sister name is Abby Clement, she is my sister and she can
    sometimes be a little pest but I love her anyway. One example of her is that she is impatient too. Let us say if
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    My oldest sister name is Erin Stark. You are wondering why, I will explain. My sister, Erin got married
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    sister in the world to me. My brother-in-law name is Kevin; he is very nice and very caring to me. He is my only
    and my favorite brother-in-law ever. As for me, I have a job at the Faulkton’s Elementary Library. I just
    graduated last year with my class.
    I have some interests that I would like to add to my story. My interests are watching Hannah Montana,
    watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, watching The Suite Life on Deck, and watching Wizards of Waverly
    Place. Other hobbies I love are riding my bike in the summer, hiking around in my Orient, hanging with my
    favorite cousin, Chris Eaton, playing my video games, spending time on the internet, chatting with my friends,
    and eavesdropping on people like a spy. I also like it when my cousin, Chris Eaton tags along because when he is
    along, it get much more interesting.
    They say that everybody needs a hero and that statement is very true because I really really really need
    one because my family can’t do anything about it, especially my mom. I hope my story gets to your heart
    because I need a hero beside me to get me through the rough spots in life.
    My story begins when I was a baby and I would love to say it has a happy ending but it does not have one. Like
    I said, I wish my story did have a good ending but it does not because some things in my life are tough to
    discover even with or without tests.
    When I was a baby, I had a lot of medical problems. I could not breath right, I had to be hooked up to
    numerous machines and had doctors and nurses coming into my room poking and sticking me with needles
    countless time. I had nurses and doctors surrounding me with needles and medicine. I would keep on crying
    when they would stick me.
    The worst part was that the doctor, her doctor, told my mother that I would not be able to walk,
    talk, or know nothing. The doctor also said that my mom was a drug addict and that was the most upsetting
    lie that she heard. She started crying and then the nurses were even mad at him. It still makes me mad today
    that when I think about it, I just blame myself. My mom and dad took me home the following week where my
    problems got much worst and more medically involved.
    At home, things were very difficult for me because I was hurting a lot. I had stomach pains that if you tried
    to move me, I would instantly start crying. I cried each morning and each night when I had stomach cramps.
    When I was about four years old, I had to have surgery on my eye. The reason was that my life eye,
    the pupil, wasn’t straight as my right pupil was and I had surgery to fix it. After that, I had a patch over my eye.
    When I was about five years old, I had my tonsils out because I had several sore throats. They were very painful
    and they would keep me up when I would get them. Eventually, my parents took me to Huron SD to have them
    removed. My throat was very sore after but I managed to get through with a little positive attitude but the truth
    is that I was nervous.
    I remember when I had to go to Cripple Children’s Hospital when I was seven. I had to go because I wasn’t
    fully develop yet, so they say. At Cripple Children’s, I had to stay for six weeks and that was the saddest
    moment for my parents and for me to go through. I had to go to bed when they said, I had to get up when they
    came into my room, and they even forced me to take this yucky medicine which I didn’t feel comfortable with.
    Whenever I went to sleep, I would cry and I would keep on crying hoping for my parents to come and get me but
    no such luck. I did have a chance to get out of that place because my aunt, Nancy came and got me once in
    awhile. At her house, Nancy and I would watch movies, dance, etc. The one thing I most remember was when I
    there, I dumped a bagful of Frosted Flaked in the floor vent. You could say that I was a little mischievous.
    Sometimes I was a trouble maker. My aunt always had a good relationship with me.
    Eventually she had to take me back to Cripple Children’s and that was sad to because I couldn’t just leave
    my aunt. I cried, cried and cried some more until I saw my grandma there. She took me and held me on the
    couch talking to me. She would comfort me while saying your parents will be here soon and that was the most
    comforting words ever said to me. The sixth week came and I was in a gym or in my room when my parents
    came to get me. I was very happy and thankful. I was so happy to get home but it wasn’t an ending that you
    would find in a Fairy Tale. No, this is just the beginning of a story based book gone worse.
    When I was home, my doctor called about my muscle in my right side leg that he had to do surgery on
    but he first suggested a biopsy. My parents drove me to Sioux Falls again but the hospital wasn’t the same.
    My parents took me in there, I cried while the nurses took me to my room, and then I was in my room.
    The surgeon came into my room because the operation wasn’t that big and could be done in the room. He
    sat down in front of me, he rubbed numbing medicine on my right side of my leg, he made a five by five cut and
    took a biopsy of my muscle tissue. He took the muscle tissue to a lab, minutes later came back and he said that
    the lab results came back negative. All that for nothing, but I got through it.
    I don’t really know much about my childhood but I guarantee you that it was true and I still had to go
    through things in my years. A lot more then you could ever imagine. My teenage years were also filled
    with problems.
    Thirteen of age, I had legs and ankles problems and when I would walk, my legs and ankles would
    form like a upside down “Y”, which made it difficult to walk. My mom, my dad, and I went to Aberdeen
    to see a lady who could explain to my parents and me why I had legs and ankles problems. She was very nice
    and very detailed in explaining how they both formed that. The lady was very thorough and said to fix it, we
    should require surgery. She assigned us to Shiner’s Hospital in Minneapolis to suggest a good place to have
    the operation. My parents and I had to take a Shiner bus to Minneapolis because my parents absolutely won’t
    drive there. It took a good six hour to get to Minneapolis but we made it to our motel safe. The next day, we
    arrived at the hospital and went in and got my appointments scheduled. My first appointment was to see
    a doctor just to talk about my legs and ankles. He started saying that we’ll need x-rays to see what is actually
    going on. Two nurses came in to get me for x-rays. I got my x-rays and headed back into the doctor’s office.
    He talked to me about if I don’t have the surgery that I might have a chance of suffering from
    arthritis and could even be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I decided to go with the operation instead
    of being in a wheelchair. The surgery wasn’t going to happen just yet because I still had appointments left.
    I had an appointment where the videotaped me walking. It was done in a room with a radiologist and what
    I had to do is walk to see how I walk. The radiologist, after she was done, took the video to the specialist and
    he looked at it, then we were ordered back into the doctor’s office. He came in and said that I had three
    options. First option was to staple them but that wouldn’t do good, the doctor said because it would only
    work for awhile. My second choice was to have surgery and be in a wheelchair for six months. The best part
    about that option was that when the casts came off, I would have straight legs. The bad part about it was that
    I had to stay in a wheelchair for six months. My third choice was to go to another hospital in Rochester called
    Mayo Clinic. The suggestion was brought up because they couldn’t do anything and if I did do it then I had to
    spend six months in a wheelchair. At the hospital, they diagnosed me with Scoliosis and the x-rays showed
    that my spine made a curve like shape.
    We got home, packed for Rochester but Abby, my little sister had to stay with my grandma and
    grandpa. It was a very long drive to Rochester that it took us four hours and one half minute, plus it took us
    one minute to found the hotel. We arrived but the next day wasn’t the surgery because I had many
    appointments before the big operation. I had my legs x-rays, my ankles, both of my hands, and I don’t know
    why they wanted my hands x-rayed. I had my blood taken three times, they had to do a skin biopsy on my upper
    arm, and the last thing was a MRI which wasn’t down at Mayo, it was done in Saint Mary’s. We took a bus there.
    We went to eat and then we drove back to our hotel. Finally it was the next day, surgery day. On the day of my
    operation we went to Mayo, checked in for surgery and a guy came and got me and my parents. I got prepared
    in a room, a very small room to be exact, then my oldest sister and her husband came in to see me before I had
    to undergo surgery. Soon a guy with a bed came and got me and honestly, I cried inside when he took me.
    The operating room was very chilly and there I saw my surgeon, Dr. Stanz, he was very detailed about what he
    was going to do. He made two small incisions on each leg, and then he put plates and screws into my ankles and
    my legs which would help. I woke up in the recovery room to a nurse standing by me checking up on me
    and then when I was fully awake and alert, they pushed me back into my hospital room. Back in my room, I saw
    my oldest sister, Erin and my brother-in-law were there. That made my day so much better. My mom and dad
    were talking to my doctors and my nurses that I could be released from the hospital but I was in abominable
    pain that I didn’t want to be moved. It was like someone was squishing my legs in a machine but I managed to
    get a wheelchair and leave. We stayed in the Ronald McDonald house in Rochester and it was neat but the
    rooms were small. Patients who have had surgery went there. We stayed there for three days and we
    transferred to a hotel suite at Comfort Inn . I just laid in the back room and watched TV due to my sore legs
    and ankles.
    Morning came early and it was time to go home but I wasn’t in any mood to be moved but I had to get
    up and my mom had to get me in my wheelchair so we could get going. From Rochester to Orient was a long trip
    for me because every bump that we hit, I would cry in pain. It was a good six and a half hour drive home but I
    managed to toughen it out.
    When we got there, my mom sat me in my wheelchair, she pushed me up the ramp onto our deck, and then
    inside. I got inside and I decided to go to bed because I was extremely exhausted from the operation and the
    drive home. The adjoin day, I tried to walk from my bed to my dresser with the help of holding things around my
    my room. It was painful to walk but in my own mind I was going to do it because I controlled my strength to do
    so and for each step that I took, I stood positive and said, “pain can’t control me, I control my pain”, and within
    my positivity, I made it. I walked each and every day until I had the fully power to go back to school. When I
    went back to school, Special Ed teacher, Jennifer Knecht, brought out a wheelchair for me, which I didn’t need
    and pushed me in. Admitting that I’m stubborn sometime, I walked without being in a wheelchair. The much
    more I walked, the better my legs got. I realized that no matter what you are, who you are, or how abnormal
    you are, you can still be amazing at what you are and you can conquer anything in life.
    The year of 2008 I had kidney trouble but my diagnosis was called Genetics Disease. That’s not
    fully true, I had Genetics Disease since I was a baby. We first found out when I was born and it can also
    affect the liver also. I had it for a very long time and I have some other kind of medical term that the doctors
    at Mayo Clinic can’t figure out. I went to May Clinic for several months and years that it is becoming my all time
    vacation spot. The one thing I hate about that place is that my medical bills are so high that my family can’t
    afford a real vacation. I should start telling you about my kidney transplant first before I say any more. I
    had a lot of operations and medical visits, but this surgery was a special one and the hero who donating me
    a kidney, I’m very very lucky to have around. It started when my I got really ill, not having much energy left and
    being tired a lot.
    It took the doctors awhile to schedule my surgery due to abundant tests that I had. Along with the tests
    Came a various amount of appointments and visits. I had x-rays to do on my hands, I had to do blood draws, I
    had to do a bone scan, I had to do a MRI, and visit with all of my doctors. I had several arrangements done on
    me. When we were done, we went back to our hotel , found a place to eat, then we went to eat, we got back
    to our inn, and went to bed. The following day at 6:50am, we had to get up and we had to be at Mayo Clinic by
    7:30am to do more tests. We got to the hospital and I got ready for another set of tests. The examinations
    were quick and we got to go home after we finished. We, then got a call from my kidney doctor and my kidney
    transplant was organized for February 14th, 2008. We found a match and I’m the most thankful guy in the world
    to hear that my uncle/godfather/priest Tom Clement was a match. We traveled to Rochester again with my
    uncle Tom with us. It took more hours to get there then last time because of picking up my uncle where he lived.
    Finally, we got there, checked into our hotel, then we went out to eat, and came back and went to bed. The
    Next day was the operation. We had to be at the hospital early, way way early than normal. We, my uncle and
    I sat down as my parents scheduled me in. Soon after a guy came out and got us, we went into separate rooms,
    got prepared for the procedure, and then a middle aged guy came and got me pushing a bed. My family, all
    my family members said “goodbye” to me and there I was lying in the bed bewailing my eyes out. He pushed me
    into the waiting room, before I go to the Operating Room. There, they checked my vitals, took my blood
    pressure, and I had a talk with my anesthesiologist. Soon after, I was wheeled into the operating room
    and there I saw nurses by each side of the bed to help me get on the surgical table. The
    anesthesiologist was back of me, he rubbed some flavor into my mask so I wouldn’t taste the
    regular taste of the gas. I fell asleep quickly then it wasn’t soon after that I awoke in the recovery
    room. My uncle’s kidney was inside of me but I was pretty sore after the procedure but my doctor
    said that my new kidney was working. They rolled me back into my room; they lifted me in bed,
    and later that day I sat up and walked a little. I had to stay in the hospital for five day. On the
    fifth day, I got unconfined and was ready to leave but I didn’t get to live Rochester just the
    I had to stay at this house called The Gift of Life Transplant House because my mom and I
    had to go back every other day for blood draws and things like that for three weeks. My dad and
    my Uncle Tom had to go back and that was the most saddest moment of my life being there for
    three weeks with only my mom. One good thing came out of it though, I met some new people
    there. I met three guys who were totally awesome. They would ask every night if I wanted a root
    beer float and of course I said “yes” to them every night because they were incredibly cool that
    I became friends with them quite quickly. I met a lot of nice people there including grown people.
    The elderly people were very pleasant to me. This lady and I made cookies together and that was
    enjoyable to me.
    The adjoin day, my mom and I got up at 6:30am for a couple of days to go to the hospital then my doctor said
    “you can come every two days now” since I was doing good. Finally the third week came, my dad came and got
    us, and then we left for home. It was an extended ride home but we made the trip back home fine. When I got
    home, everybody was eager to see me even the people at school were ecstatic to see me. It was so great to
    be back home that I couldn’t express how grateful it is to be back in my hometown.
    At the begging of my letter I told you that I loved Hannah Montana and that is true, I love her. I want to
    meet her but like I said in my story that I can’t meet Miley Cyrus due of my medical bills, doctor visits, etc. The
    reason why I wrote this letter is because I need your professional help to reach my goal. It has been my number
    one dream to meet Miley Cyrus and my family can’t help because of our high bills. The only thing that I want
    and dreamt about is meeting Hannah Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus. I have been though a lot in my past life that
    most of it was painstaking for me to overcome but I minded a positive attitude and that helped me succeed in
    my journeys of operations, procedures, tests, and bigger surgeries. I kept a strong mind and a positive attitude
    that there are no other words to describe me but only one word, BRAVE!
    I need somebody to be a helpful hand to me to reach my number one dream, meeting Miley Cyrus. If you could
    please find it in your hearts to read this, I truly would be grateful. HELP PLEASE!


    Brandon Clement

    My home Phone: (1-605)392-2328
    My personal email:

    Brandon Clement
    P.S. I worked several months on this e-mail; I even put my whole heart and soul into this e-mail.


    April 17, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    Its my wish to work as much as my hands and wisdom can to be elevated among the top most richest people of the world. My heart trembles as I see joy dark out like a shadow from the most vulnerable especially the orphans with whom I share the same background. To those who aid the needy I pray God rewards you.

    May the Almighty bless the works of my hands.


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  114. Martin Onyango said,

    May 19, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Wealth and riches all come from God. These rich people deserve it because they have worked so hard. Most of them contribute alot to the needy. Am a Kenyan (East Africa) and I sincerely thank GOD for them. May GOD double your riches. I know GOD will also provide to the rest, including me. Africa is very behind and very very poor. In my home, the poor feed on wild fruits and sometimes even feed on their own waste products. But we trust in GOD that such rich guys, as above, will remember us one time. Am a believer in charity and I advocate protecting and feeding orphans, widows and the powerless, a category which constitutes a large population in my land, Africa.

    My prayer to GOD is that riches should fill the world, especially Africa, a place where hunger forces people to even eat their own children.

    May these great men and women continue fighting disease (HIV Aids;Malaria; TB; etc) , hunger, ignorance, homelessness, just to mention but a few; with the wealth that our GREAT GOD has given them.

    May GOD bless you all.

  115. asif said,

    May 23, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    i am king of the world in the future you see inshaallah

  116. Ola said,

    May 26, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Hi, it’s cool listing poeple’s name as richest in the world hummm, my name is coming on board also just watch out.
    we are working on, we need those that can collaborate with us in africa and in Europe contact

  117. Ola said,

    May 26, 2009 at 12:56 am

    you can call us on 234-8064650424

  118. prast said,

    June 9, 2009 at 6:43 am

    ndonyo ra di gowo bossss
    bagi bagi buat yang butuh

  119. marijan said,

    June 9, 2009 at 6:47 am

    give me 10000000000000$ for victim of MERAPI

  120. ISHAN said,

    October 28, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    i feel so good to listen the life history of the top 10 richest men but i believe that both my work and luck will also help me to become the number one rich man in this world and i will prove it.

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